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With our no-code quick deployment and ready-to-use solution, you can start up a crypto asset brokerage service in just 30 minutes.

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Explore Our Ready-to-Use Features

Our Blockchain as a Service platform has everything you need to build your own Crypto Asset Brokerage Servic.

Blockchain Account / Wallet

An easy to use wallet that allows your customers to buy / send Tokens, and NO GAS FEE.

Sale Tokens / Assets

Your can sale tokens / crypto assets with credit cards / tokens (such as USDC) and gain profit.

Mint Tokens / Assets

Deploy an audited and verified ERC20 token / ERC721 NFT. No coding skills are required.

Tokens / Assets Loans

Discretionary Account Operation: Connect to Defi lending services, tokens can taking loans from Defi borrowing platforms.

Reward Income

Discretionary Account Operation: Connected to Defi NFT service, the rewards (such as rent) will be distributed and deposited into the NFT.


Discretionary Account Operation: Connect to Defi insurance services, helps to protect customers in the event of a hack or fraudulent activity.


Discretionary Account Operation: Point-to-Point (P2P) trading system for swapping tokens and smart contracts.


Know Your Customer (KYC) service for identity verification and regulatory compliance.


Liquidation, community, voting, pick-up notice, law, escort, compliance audit... more to come.

TokenBacon Crypto Asset Ecosystem

TokenBacon as a blockchain portal, it integrates various asset services into a complete Crypto Asset Ecosystem.

Crypto Asset Issuers

Providing following physical assets services: appraisal, visa, supervision (Escort), issuing asset contracts to investors to generate Crypto.

Crypto Asset Brokers

Providing following services to investors: discretionary account operation, tracking price and rate of return (RoR). They also provide customers with professional advice and market intelligence on a regular basis.


They are physical asset owners, crypto asset holders and cryptocurrency owners who participate in all crypto asset-related transactions, lending, insurance and other decentralized financial activities.

Physical Organizations

They provide reference prices (price feed), auctions, sales, other income (e.g. rent), and asset liquidation.

How TokenBacon’s using blockchain?

TokenBacon integrates Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services into its BaaS ledger to integrate and manage crypto assets in BaaS.

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