Bacon Wallet

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We Make Blockchain Simple

We have invented a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) based on Bacon Chain. A first of the kind ecosystem where every people can quickly and efficiently build their own blockchain service.

Multi-Tokens Wallet

Multi-Tokens Wallet is based on Bacon Chain. It supports cross-chain architectures and provides users with the most effective transactions of coins. As a result, Multi-Tokens Wallet consumes less power, works safer and shows higher performance than the competitors.

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Social Cloud Mining

Social Cloud Mining rewards all social media followers, followers can earn rewards from Social Cloud Mining based on his/her social influence. Social Cloud Mining helps you grow followers fast and gives you great insights into your social media account.

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Token Swap Network

Bacon Chain’s Wallet to Wallet (W2W) Swap is a Point-to-Point Swapping system for exchanging cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. It provides an excellent experience to keep users satisfied.

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Applied Smart Contract

Applied smart contracts from TokenBacon are mainly focused on everyday applications. Applied smart contracts don't require programming. Everyone can create smart contracts with just few clicks easily.

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What is Bacon Chain?

Bacon Chain is a permissioned ledger chain based on the private assets blockchain with the support of Application Programming Interface (API) and cross-chain architectures.

  • Core:the blockchain core

  • Bridge:the link between main chains and Bacon Chain

  • Hook:uploading ledger data to Ethereum

  • Vault:storage of main chain tokens

  • Gate:KYC; Know Your Customer

  • API:It allows companies to create and integrate token services into applications

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Bacon Chain

Our Roadmap

This is the roadmap for the TokenBacon project and lists what we plan to achieve in the short term.

Category Plan Progress Details
Market 1st Stage
Storage. Creates 10 million Bacon Wallet users worldwide.
Market 2nd stage
Circulation. The use of a wallet by token storage becomes token circulation.
Market 3rd stage
Application. Tokens can be widely used in smart contracts.
Bacon Coin Pre-ICO
White paper, smart contract, token design, etc...
Bacon Coin ICO
ICO for private placement.
Bacon Coin Contract Conversion
Token contract conversion. Bacon Coin cross-chain output.
Bacon Coin listed on Exchange
Bacon Coin already listed for trading on Exchanges(STEX), with more to come.
Bacon Coin CoinMarketCap
CMC (CoinMarketCap) Global Market Value and Ranking Planning.
Bacon Chain core
Chain core , Bridge, Hook, Vault ...optimization.
Bacon Chain Smart Contract
Smart Contract Core, Agreement, API, UI...development.
Bacon Chain API
The wallet and exchange API has been completed, with more to come.
Bacon Chain Browser
Blockchain Browser Core, Bloack Serach, Latest-Blocks, UI...development.
Bacon Chain Public Chain
Planning phase
BaaS Token Wallet
The Multi-Tokens Wallet basic version is completed. the advanced version is being developed.
BaaS Cloud Mining
The Social Cloud Mining miner version is completed. The mine owner version is being developed.
BaaS Token Swap
The Wallet to Wallet Swap personal version is completed. The market version is being developed.
Others Android Mobile Wallet
3rd party Android mobile wallet engineers are verifying.
Others iOS Mobile Wallet
3rd party iOS mobile wallet engineers are verifying.
Others User Manual
User Guide adds more details.
Others Multi-language
The website and manual language currently support Traditional Chinese, English, and Japanese, with more to come.
Others Community establishment
Our community includes Twitter, FB, Telegram, and Line. The area includes Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, with more to come.

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